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Join us to enjoy a wilder life.

Wild swim and enjoy the wood fired sauna. Wander through the rewilding landscape at the Elmore Court Estate. Open throughout the year so book now for a unique wellness experience.

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Rewild Swim Club

Hidden within the heart of the rewilding landscape of Elmore Court, is a spring fed lake. It's the perfect size and encircled by old oak trees. The ReWild Swim Club offers a perfect wild swimming experience. Walk across the beautiful land, change in a warm yurt by the wood fired stove, enjoy the traditional woodfired sauna and dive in.

Yoga/Fitness + Swim & Sauna


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Swim & Sauna 



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The wood-fired sauna at the ReWild Swim Club is Danish, hand-crafted by Scandinavian Sauna. Our sauna is mobile, with mirrored glass for privacy and a wood fired sauna for an authentic heat.  The heat from the sauna relaxes your body and mind. Combined with the exhilaration of the wild swim, it’s the perfect outdoor wellness experience.  Extend your wild swimming session and afterwards you will be warm and ready for the day..


The Sauna

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Benefits of
Wild Swimming

Wild swimming creates wellbeing. It has huge physical and mental health benefits, including an increase in metabolism, boost in circulation and boost to the lymphatic system increasing immunity. . That small act of bravery you take when you commit to the water ripples through your life. You can do anything. 


Every season brings unique experiences... 


The reward for a long winter in the water, watching nature unfold.


Long swims, lounging on picnic blankets. 


Leaves falling in yellow light, getting ready for the months ahead.


The challenge, the euphoria. 

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