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Rewilding at Elmore
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Why go Wild?

Join us to live a wilder life. Why? It’s a simple form of exhilaration to be in the elements. We all feel better when we connect with nature. Through natural water, wood fired heat, a rewilded landscape you are taking time out to live a wilder life. 

“Wetsuits are banned in Sarah and Anselm Guise’s Gloucestershire lake, accessible only by foot or by Land rover. Savannah Miller, Millie Dornan, Edith Bowman and Ellie Harrison all regularly swim there”

Best Estate for Wild Swimming

Tatler County House Awards 2021


Benefits of
Wild Swimming

Wild swimming creates wellbeing. It has huge physical and mental benefits. That small act of bravery you take when you commit to the water ripples through your life. You can do anything.


Everything stops when you enter the water. The control of breath required pauses the mind. Being part of nature is powerful. It’s this connection to the natural world, biophilia, which helps creates wellbeing. Combined with the endorphins and serotonin released you feel amazing after a swim. Being part of a swimming community creates deep social connections with ease. These are shared experiences.


Any length of swim has immediate physical health benefits, an increase in metabolism, boost in circulation as blood flow increases to vital organs, boost to the lymphatic system increasing immunity.


For more information visit The Outdoor Swimming Society website:


The water temperature is now hovering around 5 degrees. It is deep winter now and the water is cold.

Every week we feel nervous excitement just before we go in.

Can we do it? Why are we doing it?!

You know you will never turn back!

Then you are in the water and suddenly the sunlight bounces off the water. YES. One or two minutes later you are out stripping off layers and warming by the stove.

Just keep going.


Seasonal Stories

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