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Summary of Terms & Conditions

  • You must be over 18 years old to make a booking

  • You must be medically fit and well to attend a session. Please inform Rewild Swim Club Ltd of any injuries or health conditions/allergies prior to a session.

  • No guest may swim alone.

  • You must arrive suitably equipped for a session.

  • All guests must have a mobile phone for emergencies.

  • All sessions and attendances must be pre booked in accordance with the Rewild Swim Club timetable only.

  • Session cancellations must give 48 hours’ notice

  • Guest queries, requests and cancellations may be made by email to

  • All litter must be taken home with you.

  • No alcohol or drugs, fires, or music.

  • All guests must keep to agreed footpaths in the rewilding land.

  • Elmore Court and Rewild Swim Club Ltd reserves the right to cancel a session at any time and cease access to any guests

  • Elmore Court and Rewild Swim Club Ltd reserve the right to remove any guest from a session

  • Liability Disclaimer Notice: The Rewild Swim Club Ltd and Elmore Court will take all reasonable care to ensure a session is safe. However, I agree that I will be engaging in swimming and physical activities that may involve serious risk of injury and illness. I assume the risks above and accept responsibility for any injury or illness sustained and discharge and hold harmless Rewild Swim Club Ltd and Elmore Court from any liability arising from any injury or illness to myself.


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