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ReWild Swim Club Wild Swimming Sauna experience in Gloucestershire
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Access Information

Where to Park

Enter Elmore from Hardwicke and the A38. Turn right down Weir Lane by the triangle. Continue up the hill and as you drop down turn left on to the track. Follow the track to the end and the lake.

Treehouse Guests

 It’s a 25 minute walk through rewilded land if you are staying at Rewild Things. Use What 3 Words for Groundless Pool Gloucester or this Apple Maps link

Swimming Access

Access is using the swim ladder only.  Madams’ Pool is wonderfully deep in the centre. The depth of the natural pool ensures good ecological health and water quality.

Sauna Access

Please remember the sauna is hot and you must monitor your time in there. Please be very careful around the wood fired stove.

Remote Location

The beauty of the swimming location is that it’s not by any roads. Please ensure you have a mobile phone with you in case of emergencies.

Getting Started

gettin start
  • What to Expect
    Expect to feel amazing! A 20 minute walk through fields, with the Landrover to act as a porter for your kit and you arrive at the swim spot. There you will find a cosy yurt with a wood fired burner for a space to change. A lake side deck for yoga and exercise, or just to sunbathe. A wood fired sauna to relax inside. A jetty, a ladder and of course a beautiful lake to swim in.
  • How to Swim
    Control of breath is the critical way to manage the cold-water shock. All of us experience cold water shock, it’s our bodies way of responding. With more time in cold water we overcome this. Long, slow breaths will keep the oxygen flowing and allow your body to enjoy and adapt to the experience. Enter the water slowly. Keep your head above the water or wear multiple swim hats pulled low across the forehead. As exciting as cold water immersion is in the winter, try to enter without talking. Save the excitement for the euphoria afterwards!
  • Pre-Swim Requirements
    All new guests must complete the Swimmer Form here before you join a session. All guests must be able to swim a competent stroke (breaststroke or front crawl) for 200m. All guests must have read and understood the club rules.
  • How to Warm Up
    Lay out your clothes carefully so that you can dress quickly. Remove all wet kit as soon as possible. Drink hot tea and reward yourself with a sugary snack. Get moving if you are cold. Ensure you have enough layers. Be honest with yourself and others how you are feeling. The water temperature in the UK rarely rises above 15 degrees so all months are considered cold.
  • Emergency Contact
    You must have a mobile phone for emergency calls. Please call the Estate Office on 01452 720293 or Sarah Guise on 07815842520.
  • What to Bring
    Appropriate footwear for walking across the countryside in all conditions! Water bottle the sauna is hot Swimwear or wetsuit and a towel. A changing space is available, but it is communal. You may want to come equipped. In colder months we recommend neoprene gloves and boots, changing robe, several warm layers (base layer, thermals, down jackets), warm hat, hot tea, and a sugary snack. Remember this is the England and the water temperature is rarely above 15 degrees.
  • How to Prepare for the Cold
    Swimmers must prepare to enter the water in cold months. Remember that whilst your body will adapt each experience is different. You will find some days harder than others. This will depend on how you slept, what you ate, if you drank alcohol, hormonal changes, and stress. Listen to your body. Keep aware of the time you are in the water do not stay in too long. Remember that for 20 minutes afterwards your body will enter the ‘after drop’ phase. You core temperature will continue to fall out of the water. The blood rushes to your organs whilst you swim, out the water the blood then rushes to the skin surface this causes your temperature to continue to drop. A minute immersed for every water degree is a guideline only. Consider carefully before you enter any water below 5 degrees. You must be aware of cold-water shock and hypothermia and how to manage this. See Benefits of Wild Swimming
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The Location

At the heart of the private Estate is a 250 acre area of fields, woodland and a natural swimming lake. The land here is being rewilded, to allow nature to flourish and animals roam.

This map shows you how to walk to Madam’s Pool and the private footpaths permitted. Explore the grasslands and River Severn. Listen as you wander or swim beneath the old oak trees.

Please remember that this is a conservation area. Leave no trace, close gates, keep excited dogs on leads.

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